My Ex Lied to Me About Seeing Someone Else

My Ex Lied to Me About Seeing Someone Else

A female will often lay about witnessing some other person if she started witnessing this new man before she broke up with you (for example. she cheated for you), or if she began witnessing him soon after the split up.

Many reasons exist why a woman does that, which I will explain this post.

I will in addition explain what you must manage if you wish to see the woman straight back quickly.

1. She begun seeing your before breaking up to you

If she going watching him before she broke up with your, she have held they a secret due to one of several following causes:

A) she’s the type of lady just who wants to move forward before this lady chap really does, therefore she usually gets to be the dumper

Some ladies do that to ensure that they never get dumped and left out, especially by a date that they’re shedding fascination with and want to dump anyhow.

Therefore, before she breaks with her date, she will secretly start looking for a replacement people while she preserves the relationship together with her boyfriend.

If he happens to notice that she’s behaving a bit suspiciously (for example. she comes back home afterwards than typical, helps make key calls while he’s in shower/out for a run/watching television, sits about in which she’s going sufficient reason for just who, usually appears to be texting and turns from the him very he can’t see this lady monitor), he might then ask the girl if she’s witnessing somebody else.

She’ll then lay to your and possibly also see angry at him for accusing her of such something, as a way of earning certain the guy doesn’t dispose of her earliest.

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